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Dear suppliers!

We are always open for cooperation and are ready to consider your proposals for the supply of raw materials and components for glass production.

Proposals for cooperation can be sent to:

Your questions will be gladly answered by the head of the purchasing department and director of the logistics and supply department of the company: Kemelkan Mamyrkanovich Biebaev

The requirements imposed on suppliers are aimed at ensuring the supplier’s ability to consistently deliver quality products on time, at a reasonable price, prevent problems early in the product life cycle, identify and eliminate inconsistencies and continuously improve quality to meet customer requirements.

The main requirements for suppliers are:

  • The supplier has an ISO-certified quality management system (QMS);
  • the supplier is a direct manufacturer, an exclusive distributor of the manufacturer or offers the most favorable
    terms if he is one of the distributors of the manufacturer of the goods;
  • the quality of goods supplied by the supplier complies with the current GOST, OST, TU;
  • the supplier has the ability to provide technical and service support to the customer;
  • the supplier has the resource to provide a line of credit.

The supplier must provide the following documents in order to conclude a supply contract:

  • full details of the company;
  • Copy of the certificate of registration (re-registration);
  • copy of the certificate of INN (OGRN);
  • copy of the tax registration certificate;
  • certificate of absence of debts to the budget;
  • copy of the Articles of Incorporation;
  • copy of the Decision on the appointment of the head of the company;

All copies must be stamped and signed by an authorized person.

The main types of products to be purchased:

  • quartz sand (GOST 22551-77 requirements, demand per month up to 8930 tons);
  • soda ash (GOST 5100-85 requirements, demand per month up to 2,790 tn);
  • feldspar – (GOST 13451-77, need per month up to 500 tons);
  • sodium sulfate – in accordance with TU, demand per month up to 124 tonnes; – sodium sulfate – in accordance with GOST 5100-85, demand per month up to 124 tonnes;
  • Lumpy limestone GOST 26671-79, demand up to 720 tons per month
  • Lump dolomite as per GOST 23672-79, monthly requirement up to 2240 tn;
  • Trimmed coniferous timber not lower than 3rd grade (GOST 8486-86, GOST 24454-80, the need according to specifications to 1380m3
  • 1430m3 per month);
  • polyethylene film (GOST 10354-82, need up to 13-14 tons per month);
  • Tape steel nagartovannaya 0,8x30mm steels 08PS and 0,8x19mm (GOST 3560-73 with a machined edge – beveled, need per month up to 22-23 tons).

Supply Department: